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Hi! My Name Is Annie

I'm Available | Bonded With: Pearl

Annie and Olivia are a bonded mother-daughter pair. Annie was pregnant when she was rescued from a hoarding situation in spring 2018. She was weak tired and heartworm positive and unable to care for her litter both inside and outside the womb. As a result none of her puppies survived... except Pearl. Annie and Pearl were separated to allow both to get the care they desperately needed. When they were reunited their bond was undeniable. Pearl is as rowdy as any pup. She knows no chill and she's desperate for a playmate. Recently she's been more of her own dog. While she still looks for Annie she also plays roams and sleeps alone. She is a total lovebug who is constantly looking for affection... leaning pawing & puppy-dog-eyeing to get it. Annie is a sweetheart. She is quiet with the most soulful eyes. She keeps to herself mostly resigning herself to her crate. She likes to sit by the screen door and look out at the neighborhood when I'm upstairs or outside. She's happiest before a walk or when I come home with her little nub of a tail wagging. Together the two love long walks around the neighborhood or trips to the dog park being curious & excited about all the same things. (Of course park trips have been on hold recently.) They love meeting (most) new dogs especially Pearl.

  • American Blue Heeler & Pointer
  • Female
  • 04/24/2014
  • White & Brown
  • I'm Trained
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