“A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals"


Hi! My Name Is Blossom

We're happy to tell you that Blossomhas a new furever home.
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What a story is Blossom's... This beautiful girl was a stray in a neighboring county. Her home was the local cemetery. She had several litters at a very young age before being caught by the local animal control. She even managed to escape that facility and returned to the cemetery. A few months later, a mother again, she AND her pups were caught and taken back to the shelter. It was then that the pups and Blossom came Proverbs. Young and trusting her pups were an easy placement. Here it is two years later, and Blossom who has been with a trainer is finally ready for a home. Now, the home will have to meet some very specific requirements. Number 1. Blossom needs a companion dog. Number 2. She must have a securely fenced yard as she still gets frightened and needs that security. Last, but not least, Blossom needs a patient adopter who will understand she needs time to adjust. This beauty deserves a home of her own. She has had such a sad start. Approved adopters can meet her at her trainer's ranch. Blossom has not a mean bone in her body, she was just deprived of the love she needed as a pup.