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Hi! My Name Is Chubby

I'm Available

Chubby is a very sweet dog with a whole lot of energy! He likes all other dogs, but can be a little much so he needs to be with a larger, confident dog that can teach him boundaries. He’s very good on the leash and pays attention, he still having some issues off leash especially if there’s distractions around. He will just need some continued obedience training, it’s best to think of him just as a big puppy with a lot of energy. He wants to please you he’s just busy paying attention to everything. But when he’s on the leash he is very engaged with the human. He learns well and pays attention to the other dogs so they can be really helpful.

He has issues from time to time with his crate, but most of it has been when we get off schedule and have a lot of extra dogs here. When we’re on our normal schedule, he’s much more relaxed and at ease and seldom ever cries to get out. He’s better when he’s in a room or an area with other dogs that are crated. When he’s alone is when he’s most likely to cry, or if there’s another dog out in the room and he’s crated, so another reason that I think he would do really well with another dog as an example for him and a way to help him relax.

  • Shepherd
  • Male
  • Puppy (7-24 Months)
  • Tri Color
  • I Like All Kids
  • I Like All Dogs
  • 200.00
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