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Hi! My Name Is Dot

We're happy to tell you that Dothas a new furever home.
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Hi! My name is Dot or as my foster momma calls me Poke-a-Dot! Then she boops me on the nose. She finds it hilarious and I wag my tail and wiggle cause I think it's funny too. I am approximately one year old and I love other dogs but foster momma doesn't think he'd be good with cats because I like to chase the ones that come into our yard. I love my foster sister because she likes to play and rough house with me and she understands that when I'm happy I show all my teeth and smile and she doesn't get scared. She understands I'm just really really happy. Foster momma says I have some insecurity issues and I guess I do...but hey I was a puppy during COVID-19 so I missed some pretty important milestones! I get scared around new people. I don't growl or anything but they terrify me and I require lots of love to calm down. I also have a tinsy issue with food that I am working on. I can take treats with other dogs and can even stand with the pack while you serve up the food but it's best if I eat alone and have a bit of a time-out after I finish. I'm working on it and the more I work on it the more confident I become and the less of an issue it is.So the things I want in a forever family would be a doggy brother or sister to play and rough-house with. m i'mpetite maybe 30 to 40 lbs so someone that size or a little bigger would be great. A family to love me and be patient while they work on my little issue would be fantastic. In return I promise to potty outside once you show me where. To be a lovable cuddly family member that requires lots of stuffies (to unstuff!) and chew toys and to be the best Poke-a-Dot you've ever seen! Will you be my forever? requires a fence