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Hi! My Name Is Gus

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Gus is a regal, handsome, loyal fellow. He can be clumsy with his larger size. In person he looks like he would weigh well over 100 lbs but stays around 90 lbs. People often tell him he looks like a white wolf, but nothing about his personality is wolf-ish. He is playful and gentle with his toys. He often treats new stuffed animals with maternal like care - he would be a great dad to a puppy. He plays with a tennis ball like a cat, pushing it with his paws and nudging it with his nose to chase it. He is very visual and enjoys sitting outdoors with his people to gaze into the sky as birds and planes pass by. He loves walks, but needs someone strong enough to hold him when a deer or other creature catches his attention. While he needs a fenced yard for time outdoors, his preference is to be close to you.

Gus is house trained, enjoys cookie time in his dedicated space, and can go long periods without potty breaks. He would benefit from someone who would enjoy caring for his beautiful yellow-white coat. He is super gentle with adults and older children but seems anxious around smaller children and babies. Gus is a perfect companion. Travels well in car for short distances - longer distances might be difficult in smaller cars with his larger frame.

  • Shepherd
  • Male
  • Adult (5-9 Years)
  • 91 - 100 Pounds
  • Tennessee
  • Yellow
  • I Like All Dogs
  • 200.00
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