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Hi! My Name Is Lilah

We're happy to tell you that Lilahhas a new furever home.
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Lilah is a 2.5 year old, Pointer mix, with plenty of puppy still in her! She's an incredibly sweet girl, with good manners, who was an emotional support animal for her previous owner. Sadly Lilah lost he rear left leg in after being hit by a car, but it doesn't slow her down much. She loves to go for walks and her absolute favorite thing in this world is chasing and retrieving a tennis ball. She loves to snuggle, but will not get on the couch unless invited and, towards the end of the day when she's a little tired, she can't quite get the push off from her one back leg, so you'll need to lift her up if you want her up there with you. She sleeps on her bed all night and doesn't try to get into my bed, unless there is a thunderstorm and then she gets a bit nervous so I let her up there that one time). Otherwise, she stays put until morning when it's time to go out to pee. She's been with me for 10 days now and has had no accidents in the house. She rides well in the car. We're working on her leash manners… she gets excited outside and wants to smell everything, but she's a really smart girl and a little patient training and she'll be walking at your side on a loose leash, no problem. She stays incredibly well and will go to her bed when you tell her to and stay there until you tell her it's ok to leave. Obviously with social distancing, she's not had a chance to interact with many people these past 10 days, but seems to love all people she has been able to say hello to and seems to love all dogs, so far. I have not seen her around any kids, so can't offer an insight there). She's very submissive to other dogs and I have seen no resource guarding from her either vocally or physically) on our walks. She does get scared by some cars whizzing by, which I attribute to her being hit by one! And loud sudden noises like if you walk past a building site) will also make her jump. We see plenty of squirrels on our walks and she notices them and is interested, but has not chased them or barked at them in any way. She's crate trained and seems to have no problem being in there for an hour or two, but she does love to be around people, so would do well in a family where she's not left alone for too long each day and or that has another dog she can be friends with. She loves to be outside, so a fenced in yard would be heaven for her. Lilah loves toys and does not destroy them. She also has shown no inclination to be destructive with things that do not belong to her. Lilah is still getting used to putting all of her weight on one hind leg. Our veterinarian recommends keeping an anti-inflammatory on hand as well as a vitamin supplement.