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Hi! My Name Is Lillie

We're happy to tell you that Lilliehas a new furever home.
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Precious 4 y/o Lillie Mae was rescued by Proverbs 12:10 after she suffered terrible injuries to her eye and cheek from being mauled by another dog. Her owner eventually took her to a vet to be euthanized which is when Proverbs came to her rescue. Lillie had her eye removed and extensive repair to her eyelid, cheek and mouth at Cornerstone Animal Hospital on 3/10. It took a full 20 days for her wounds to completely heal while she recovered in a loving foster home. Lillie is the most meek and genteel lady you could ever want. She blended with and submits to my two small dogs easily. Lillie quickly bonds to any human who is kind to her. She is clingy, but not needy. All she desires is to lay near you. Since her mouth healed she is a good eater, never picky and always grateful. Completely housebroken, even when she was so painful and on so many meds. She goes into her kennel when told to and sleeps silently in the kennel all night long. She knows the commands of sit, shake and down. Although she can bark, she is NOT a barker a blessed relief to this foster with two Chihuahuas). She has not been exposed to cats. She loads easily and rides in the car silently and calmly. Lillie is friendly and likes meeting adults and children as long as they are quiet and calm. She is timid and cowers with loud noises or voices, but she has NEVER made any defensive or offensive moves, and she even defers to my 6lb Chi. I think she would be a wonderful companion in a home with an elderly or frail animal as she seems to enjoy being with my dogs. But I fear she would be overwhelmed by a vigorous or super active dog. I think she will always be submissive. It hurts me to think that she probably never fought back. All of her injuries were on her face and ears. I wonder if she was backed into a corner. I love her. She is SO easy to care for. She can stay with me as her foster until she goes to her exceptional forever home.