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Hi! My Name Is Marco

We're happy to tell you that Marcohas a new furever home.
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Marco is the most loving, flopsy, playful bundle of energy you’re likely to meet. He’ll launch himself into your arms, lick your entire neck, slide down to your feet, and flip over for some very contented belly rubs. Like any puppy, he’s an exuberant fellow who loves to wrestle and play, and he’s learning how to do that properly, with restraint and emotional control.
He’s pretty clever and good at referential communication – he’ll let you know exactly what he wants. And he’s getting good at self-soothing, often going into his crate on his own to cool down for a bit. He is a pup, so he’s still working on manners regarding barking (he just has a lot to say, and it’s very informative!), leash walking, basic manners, and recall. He’s getting better at impulse control.
He’ll sit and wait for his food, and he’ll settle if you can gain his focus. He has no anxiety about being left alone and crated, and sleeps well through the night in his crate. He’s house-trained (he rings bells when he wants to go out!), and absolutely loves car rides and baths (this is a rare one, folks!). This water baby is a ball of pure love and energy, and he loves a good snuggle.
His leg seems well recovered (he was hit by a car, and his broken front leg required orthopedic surgery) – he only has the tiniest bit of a limp that doesn’t slow him down in the slightest. He runs, jumps, wrestles, tugs, and launches himself all about the place regardless. This dog is made of rubber and love.