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Hi! My Name Is Pearl

I'm Available | Bonded With: Annie

Annie and Olivia Pearl are a bonded mother-daughter pair. Annie was pregnant when she was rescued from a hoarding situation in spring 2018. She was weak tired and heartworm positive and unable to care for her litter both inside and outside the womb. As a result none of her puppies survived... except Pearl. Annie and Pearl were separated to allow both to get the care they desperately needed. When they were reunited their bond was undeniable. Annie needs Pearl and Pearl needs to be needed. They thrive together. Annie is laid back content to nap on the couch or in her crate while Pearl is rambunctious excited to chew toys or run about. Pearl is still learning basic manners while Annie is still working on potty training. Both are doing well with routine including daily walks. They can barely contain their excitement before and during the walks. With some work they could be great running buddies! (NOTE: Daily walks are critical for the girls; mental and physical well being including potty training and energy release. Currently they are walked at least twice a day.) Annie and Pearl are still learning how to be dogs... eating sleeping playing and loving with human interaction especially Annie. Her traumatic past still lingers in her demeanor but a gentle loving home (and Pearl) seems to bring her comfort. Pearl is extremely playful and brings out a playfulness in Annie. Both are eager for forever loving home and they will steal your heart to get it.

  • American Blue Heeler & Pointer
  • 06/01/2018
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