“A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals"

Phoenix Rebecca

Hi! My Name Is Phoenix Rebecca

We're happy to tell you that Phoenix Rebeccahas a new furever home.
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These gorgeous pups have had such a rough start in life. As tiny pups, they were found in a burn pile where they had been discarded like trash. Fortunately, they were rescued and became Proverbs pups, but their battle had just begun. 8 of the 9 pups came down with parvo and unfortunately 2 succumbed to this dreadful disease. The 9th pup, Rose avoided parvo, but had already undergone suffering of her own. You see, she was found with open wounds and was covered with maggots. The 7 remaining pups all did well in foster care, but once again the past caught up with them and they suffered from fungal infections that caused hair loss. They have all been treated and are now doing well and ready for their forever homes, although not all of their has grown back, most of it has. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee they won't continue to have some thin or bald spots; only time will tell. These pups are so very deserving of the most exceptional homes after all they have endured. -Riley-Rose-Rebecca-Renee-RayLynn-Ralph-Rider-Ricky-Ronnie-