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Hi! My Name Is Precious

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Precious’ Personality Perks

1. BIG-TIME SNUGGLER! I think it might be her favorite thing in the whole world. But caution - keep her below room temp, because she’ll melt all over your lap...
2. She’s quite energetic and social – loves to wrestle and chase dogs; will happily chase a ball or stick, but she ain’t no retriever...; loves tug, catch, and keep-away; loves to run and explore, if open, off-lead spaces are available; is getting pretty good at search and hide-and-seek. Her activity needs are on the high side of moderate.
3. Responds particularly well to whistles, but also to her name and other commands. She’s pretty solid with sit, stay, and lie down.
4. Doesn't seem to have a problem with power tools, loud kitchen and yard appliances, or fireworks.
5. She's a serious chewer - loves nylabone-style toys. She will eat anything cloth whole and in three seconds flat, and chews (and tries to swallow) giant pieces off of rubber toys, so watch out.
6. She's a goofball - like, sits-in-a-corner-staring-at-the-wall, wakes-herself-up-from-a-dream-and-barks-at-the-dream-monsters goofball.
7. She's pretty food-motivated and loves different kinds of treats, which should make positive reinforcement treat training easy. May occasionally snarl at a dog who creeps up on her while eating (although she’s usually pretty chill about even that), but isn’t aggressive or defensive to humans in regards to her food.
8. Good with baths, nail clipping (best when she’s sleepy and snuggling, though), tooth brushing, and body/tick exams. Also a pro at taking pills now – drop them in food or put a dab of peanut butter, and she’ll gulp them right down.
9. She loves everyone and every dog, and she can be underfoot and wanting attention constantly, so she’s probably better off in a multi-dog household with an outlet for that energy.
10. She rings bells to go outside, even just to sleep in the sun on the porch (one of her favorite “activities”), and to come back in. She loves to be outside any chance she gets, and will happily sit for hours on the deck or in the yard and just look around. Also loves to be ointside - half inside, half outside.
11. She’s a jumper. She can jump a short baby gate with no problem. She can also climb. And she’ll ninja-sprint out of any open door in a blink. Fun days!
12. Loves car rides. Loves to bark-and-wag, especially out the window, for the entire duration of car rides. But if she will settle down after the first few minutes, as long as we’re not going the “the hiking place”.
13. Will try to eat your ears and lick your brain.
14. She's a noisy sleeper. It's funny. And really noisy.
15. She’s the most bestest, and lovely.

Things she’s still working on:
1) She has separation anxiety issues. She's good at night – almost always sleeps through the night, especially since she started sleeping in the bedroom closet. But she still barks insistently when crated and left alone in the house. This is improving, though.
2) She's super playful, and great at wrestling and tug. She’s still learning to play appropriately, so, very occasionally, she still goes too far sometimes. She might accidentally nip a human. With a dog, if she’s snarled or snapped at, or if they push her too far, she can slip into fight mode, but is getting very good about being called off and settled without incident.
3) She's a bit reactive on lead in her extroverted desire to be friends with every dog and human she sees. She’s getting better, though, and can usually be redirected or quieted to the point where she can go say hi calmly.
4) 100% will jump out of the window of a moving car, so a safety strap is a must.

  • Terrier - American Pit Bull & Retriever - Labrador
  • Female
  • Puppy (7-24 Months)
  • 41 - 50 Pounds
  • Tennessee
  • Red
  • I Like All Dogs
  • 200.00
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