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Richard is a rambling old soul, super easy-going in the house and on lead – he’ll occasionally get a little pep in his step, but he mostly meanders along sniffing aimlessly for a moderate distance at a super slow pace. He’s pretty low energy, with low activity requirements, and he’s very quiet, other than the occasional whine to indicate that he needs something. He mostly sleeps (like a pillow), but he’s still recovering. He’s skittish around people – he’s still learning to trust them, and sudden movements or movements toward him startle him. But he’s mostly just timid around dogs, ignoring them and only occasionally becoming a bit defensive, and that is fading quickly. He’s really scared of cars, though, particularly big ones, and including riding in them, but he’s an easy rider once you get him in. Richard loves a good belly rub and some scratches, but he’s not so hot on the snuggling just yet. He loves to lie down in puddles of water, but hates to be out in the rain. He still has a touch of the nocturnal beast in him, but he’s acclimating to a more normal schedule. He loves to be outside, especially at night, and he would love a fenced yard to explore (although he’s happy on lead, too). And he makes the most adorable saucer eyes any time you approach him with treats! Sir Richard the Pillow would be a great friend for anyone, but especially for an apartment dweller, truck driver, or any of the other types of adopters with more limited access for exercise. One or two walks a day, and you’re golden!
  • Retriever - Labrador & Terrier - American Pit Bull
  • Male
  • Youth (2-5 Years)
  • 51 - 60 Pounds
  • Red and White
  • 200.00
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