“A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals"


Hi! My Name Is Rosabella

We're happy to tell you that Rosabellahas a new furever home.
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She is absolutely perfect in every way. I will admit, I've always had a little dog bias, but Bella has single handedly shattered that one. She takes a bit to warm up, as she seems very scared and timid at first. She does tend to have more of an instant love for women so, if you're looking for a dog to always prefer you over your husband, here is your girl!) We initially crated her at night. She whined for a couple of minutes, and then settled down to sleep. HOWEVER, let me just tell you that crate routine didn't last long because, not only is Bella the world's greatest snuggler, she loves to sleep under the covers! Naturally, she is now sleeping with her own little cozies between us. She walks exceptionally on a leash, and has the cutest sassy walk we've ever seen. She could use someone to encourage her confidence because you can tell she gets startled easily on our strolls. She has absolutely no aggression at all. We have both a dog and a cat, and she settled in seamlessly with both. Our cat is very timid and even he is coming out to hang with her! We have not had any accidents indoors, and have quickly learned her ques when ready to go out. Miss Bella would prefer to spend more time snuggling you than out in the yard, so she has a very sassy strut back to the door to let you know it's time to cuddle again. Lastly, Bella is VERY attached to me female.) My husband works from home, but she definitely gets upset when her person leaves. Because of this, we think she would do best in a family that would be home more often than not. When she finds her person, she makes sure you KNOW you are her person. That being said, she does incredibly being left to roam the house with our animals when we leave to run errands, so that leads us to believe she needs a hand in learning that her person will return and that she is safe :)