“A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals"


Hi! My Name Is Slim

We're happy to tell you that Slimhas a new furever home.
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Just look at that handsome face! Slim is a 10 yr old beautiful hound and one of the coolest old man dogs, I've ever had the pleasure to meet. He is so happy-go-lucky and just a sweet loving dog. He loves to be outside and turns back into an excited puppy when he sees you pick up his leash for a walk. He LOVES attention, a scratch behind his ears, or just to stand and lean into you, as if to say, I'm here for you if you need me. Slim loves other dogs, kids, adults, and it would appear, that he is very drawn to cats. I have not seen him interact with one up close, but when he picks out a cat from a neighbors yard he gets that same excited hop and spin that he gets when he sees his food being prepared or when he's about to go on a walk. Slim loves to be outside, sniffing around or just laying in the sun. He has not mastered come or really any commands) so he will need a fenced-in yard and a leash. Slim may be older, but don't let that fool you, he's quite strong and completely oblivious to his own strength and size especially when he sees something of interest that he wants to check out on a walk. Recommend that he's walked by an adult or strong older child. Typical to his breed, this pup is INCREDIBLY affectionate and VERY mild-mannered. He has a beautiful hound bay, but don't worry – he's never barked in the house but will let you know if he sees a dog or cat that he'd like to get to know. Also typical to his breed, he can be quite one-track-minded sometimes, so redirection food always works) might be necessary in such cases. Slim is a sweet, sweet older gentleman looking to make up for his lost time with a loving family who can appreciate his sweet and tenacious hound-ness. **requires a fence**