“A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals"

Texas Transport Duke

Hi! My Name Is Texas Transport Duke

We're happy to tell you that Texas Transport Dukehas a new furever home.
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Please read below to see how Duke became a Proverbs dog! I implore you to watch this, look through the thread below and help any way you can. Here is what happened this afternoon. Driving down Hwy. 46 in Dickson, a very concerning sight caught my eye. A truck pulling an open trailer piled high with dog crates was parked. I thought surely in this heat there aren't dogs in those crates not that even in cool weather transporting animals in that manner would be acceptable), but as I whipped in to check it out, much to my horror, every crate had a hot, panting dog looking exhausted, confused, and frightened. A young girl was attempting to get one out to walk it, and I asked her what was going on. I was informed it was a rescue transport. I am normally very calm, but I lost it. Keep in mind it is hot as all get out and most of these animals were in plastic crates. An older woman finally came out of the store and said they had been traveling since Tuesday from Texas to take them to a rescue in Kentucky, but upon arrival that rescue was a scam; consequently they were headed back to Texas where most would be put to sleep. They had no paperwork for any of the animals and this was their fourth day traveling in this heat. The poor dogs had also gone through storms on this nightmare ride. Their panting, baking, and whimpering was ripping my heart out. Folks, legitimate transports require health certificates and vetting records for each pet. Transports use air conditioned vans and have ample help. I honestly don't think she knew that.‍♀️ After much discussion this woman agreed to surrender all 21 dogs to Proverbs. I want to say, while I was horrified and found myself in mama bear mode I think this woman had ignorant good intentions. I also want to say that by our pathetic practically nonexistent animal protection laws, she could have driven the dogs back to Texas. While I am as Southern as you can get, I am appalled at our lack of specific, animal cruelty laws. We are decades behind. Among the 21 dogs was a deaf, blind dog. There were some with mange, four pups who had survived parvo, and only two who were fixed. I took a leap of faith and agreed to take them as Proverbs' dogs and this is where you come in. We have to get them all vetted, find fosters, and keep them until we know they are healthy. Some have a way to go to get to that point. 19 are at Cornerstone, 2 at Animal Medical Hospital, and 6 will go to Bellevue Animal Hospital tomorrow to lighten Cornerstone's load. While we did great with the BigPayback, we won't see those funds for several more weeks. We need your financial support and extra fosters. These poor souls have been through enough. They need the comfort of a home for the next few weeks until an exceptional home can be found. Thank you for reading this epistle. Scroll through below to see the faces of a sad journey that we are going to change. Thank you Dickson Police Department a d Dickson AC for sending officers to help me. They were wonderful. #LivingOnFaith www.proverbs1210rescue.org