“A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals"


Hi! My Name Is Twizzler

We're happy to tell you that Twizzlerhas a new furever home.
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Hello I'm Twizzler - though I'm pretty sure my foster parents are trying to slowly change my name to something like Twizzie…which I'm fine with, it's much more girly. So basically, yea, I'm part wombat and part sea otter and part regular bat and just a little bit of baby seal… though my foster parents insist that I'm a dog. Anyhow, I'm a 6 or so year old dog and I'm sooo thrilled to be out of the kennel, where I've been for the past 3 years…and my day goes like this. I sleep all night on my dog bed in the fosters bedroom, and despite my quiet snoring I don't manage to wake myself or anyone up…I sleep through the whole night. Yea, on that note, sleeping is kinda my jam… and I do a lot of it. After I wake up in the morning I go out to do my biz - yes I'm newly potty trained, I've been left in the house for up to 5 hours so far and have had no issues. Following that, we come inside, have coffee and I eat breakfast next to my foster brother in the kitchen, he lives here full time. I have no problem being fed around other dogs, and I don't get protective over my food. I have also learned to sit and wait patiently for my foster brother to get his food first. After breakfast, my foster brother and I usually b-line it straight to the toy basket and find something to pull apart. I'm a huge fan of toys, and I know not to touch any of my foster parents sneakers or belts or anything like that. Who would want to anyways…ain't no squeakers in there! Anyhow, I really like to play with other dogs, and I'm really happy to share a home with other pets. Not quite sure about cats yet, I see them on the street when we walk but they haven't interested me all that much yet. We've crossed some strange mini humans on the street, my fosters call them kids, they seem okay to me. Then after we play I like to do this slow roll thing on my back…must be my inner seal/sea otter. But basically I like to roll back and forth on my back and make quiet grunting noises. After this is I like to head out on my morning walk. Walks are now my favorite and 2 a day is perfect for me. I get SO EXCITED to go on my walks! After my walk.. more napping! I love to be outside and just hang out on the porch in the sunshine. I need a fenced in yard, just like anything other dog so I don't wander…my foster parents have been working on the wait command for every time I leave the house. It's annoying because they are so slow sometimes! But I'm starting to listen. I am also a very quiet girl. Barking is not really my thing. I like to run around a little bit, though I'm not about to be your running partner…some of us girls just ain't built for it! I probably only have about 45 mins of running around in me throughout each day, then I'm back on the couch. Sitting on laps and taking naps is more my jam. All in all, I'm just a sweet middle-aged girl looking for my fur-ever home.