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Foster-to-Adopt Program

The Foster-to-Adopt Program

is designed to allow families to keep one of our fully vetted, ready to be adopted, rescue pets in your home for a 1 week trial basis to be sure it is the right match for your family. We recommend this option particularly to those adopters with health concerns, children and/or other pets. This will allow you to evaluate how well the pet acclimates to your family during this period of time. In order to be accepted into our Foster-to-Adopt Program you must have an approved application. Our regular adoption fee is required as well as the spay/neuter deposit if applicable.

Should you decide to adopt

we ask that you return to the Bellevue Petco the following Saturday to complete the adoption process and pick up the pet's records. However, if this you are unable to return the following Sat we will deposit the adoption fee and hold the records until you return, or upon receipt of a PayPal deposit of $7.50 to cover the cost of mailing, we will  mail the records to you.

Should you decide not to adopt

after your trial run, please advise us via email ASAP so we can make new foster arrangements for the pet. You will need to bring the pet to Adoption Day at the Bellevue Petco on Saturday by 10:45 am so that other prospective adopters have the opportunity to meet the pet. Your adoption fee and your spay/neuter deposit will also be returned to you at this time.