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Hi! My Name Is Firefly

We're happy to tell you that Fireflyhas a new furever home.
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Steve and Ally were taking photos of downtown Columbia when they heard meowing coming from a nearby dumpster. They found this little kitten who hadn't eaten for awhile and seemed to have her back legs not functioning correctly. Steve ran to a nearby market to pick up some canned salmon to lure it out from under the dumpster. When they finally got her they took her to a nearby vet to see how this kitten could be repaired. The vet informed them that she had one dislocated rear leg, the other rear leg had suffered nerve damage, a fractured pelvic bone and had a bad laceration on one of her legs as well. They recommended that this kitten be put down because the quality of life that she'd be able to live wouldn't be worth it. Steve and Ally couldn't give up on her that easily and decided to take her home and give her a shot at kitty redemption. About a month later with some TLC and some minor physical therapy on her leg, Firefly is almost good as new. Using both back legs, she's running, jumping, playing with her two foster German Shepherd siblings, using a litter box, napping, and especially eating. This kitty loves mealtime. 
The second image is the day that Firefly was brought home from Columbia. She was unable to sit up due to her injuries. She had to pull herself around with primarily her front two paws. Now, in the first image sitting up straight using both of her hind legs, aside from a slight limp, you'd never be able to tell what his kitten has been through.

Date of Birth: 03/20/2021

Adoption fee is $115.

Firefly is spayed, microchipped, tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia and is up to date on vaccines.