“A righteous man cares for the needs of his animals"

Mary Shelley

Hi! My Name Is Mary Shelley

We're happy to tell you that Mary Shelleyhas a new furever home.
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Mary Shelley is the SWEETEST cat I have ever met. She was only 7 months old when she got pregnant, but she was such a good mama! She was so patient and proud of her babies. When we first got her, her kittens were only 3 weeks old. We would be sitting downstairs and she would bring one down and set it in front of us as if to say look at my baby! She would be best in a home with dogs or kids for her to play with. She absolutely adores our dogs and is constantly forcing love on them. Isve also never seen a cat who is more patient with kids. Our baby will crawl over and just grab her face with both hands (we quickly intervene) but Mary Shelley is SO patient and sweet with her. She loves people and is constantly giving affection. I think she would be fine with other cats. Our cat is not a good host and is mean to Mary, but I think Mary Shelley would be fine with cats who werenst so rude. This girl deserves an amazing forever home!